Motorcycle Jackets I’m Lusting After


I’ve always been kind of an anti-leather person. Both from the perspective of not wanting to wear dead animals and the belief that textile is superior for protective motorcycle gear. While I haven’t changed my mind on either front there’s one catch. Leather motorcycle jackets are sexy. So, let’s say I’ve been in the market. [...]

New Scooters for 2012

2012 Vespa S50 4V

It’s almost time to start thinking about next year’s riding season and what better place to start than with the scooters. It looks like there is little change in the North American market from the big four motorcycle brands (as if you can even count four in the scooter market with Kawasaki’s lack of an [...]

New Motorcycle texting gloves?


It seems like the hottest thing on the market this Christmas is winter gloves that you can wear while texting. Well now I have just read that Icon has created a motorcycle glove with the same technology also for texting! It’s the Icon Justice Touchscreen Glove. Right now they’re only offering a version for the [...]

Shift Racing Women’s Flare Jacket


The Shift Racing Women’s Flare Jacket is one of my favorite light weight motorcycle jackets. This jacket is big on fashion but it is lacking a bit in some of the features. Pros The biggest pro of this jacket is the styling. It seems a lot of motorcycle jacket’s market themselves stylish on the bike [...]

Shift Silhouette Motorcycle Jeans


I have been in the market for a pair of motorcycle jeans for as long as I have been riding but hadn’t decided what ones to get. I had heard the Shift Silhouette jeans were the most “stylish” pair and most like the regular fashion jeans I wear off the bike. So when I recently [...]

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What do I do with my motorcycle during the winter?

If you are not fortunate enough to live in an area where you can ride your motorcycle year round then you are going to have to do something with the bike over the winter.

January 23, 2011 3
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Do CCs Matter When Choosing a Beginner’s Motorcycle?

I am sure if you have tried to do any research on the ‘net about beginner motorcycles you have run into multiple articles and forum discussions declaring that a newbie should only ride something with 250cc’s or under 500cc’s or some other statement about the number of cc’s the engine should have. Here’s the thing, [...]

November 21, 2010 7
Written by A website that lets you see how a bike will fit you

Review of a great new website that takes your height and inseam and draws a stick figure version of you and how you will fit on each motorcycle.

November 17, 2010 2
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Motorcycle Stocking Stuffer Gifts

Here are some ideas for some small and inexpensive gifts for the motorcyclist in your life. For the Rider For the Bike: Books and Movies:

November 6, 2010 0
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[Video] BarkBuster’s Storm Handguards

This video reviews and explains installation of the BarkBuster’s Storm Handguards on the Kawasaki ER-6N.

October 23, 2010 0
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Motorcycle Gear Guide for New Riders

When first starting out in the world of motorcycling there are a few things you need, a bike, a license or permit and some gear. The gear is not something to skimp on and ideally a new rider should budget around $500 for a full set of gear. If you are on a budget you [...]

October 16, 2010 0
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[Pics] 2009 Kawasaki ER-6n with a Givi v46 Top case

I have a blue 2009 Kawasaki ER-6n and I have recently mounted a Givi v46n top case on the back. Prior to the Givi case I had a $50 JC Whitney case mounted. While the JC Whitney case worked, the Givi case looks much nicer. The case is mounted on an FZ449 Givi rack. I [...]

September 26, 2010 2
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[Video]Why Commuting to work is cool…

Video produced by revzilla. Awesome Kawasaki KLR commute.

September 23, 2010 0
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[Video] How to Open and Close a Givi Topcase

Watch this video showing how to open, close, and remove a Givi Topcase from a Givi rack. The topcase pictures here is the Monokey v46. If you’re not sure how the lock works you might think it is broken.

September 11, 2010 0
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[Video] How to Change an Arai Helmet Shield

This video demonstrates how to remove the face shield on an Arai motorcycle helmet. The helmet in the video is an Arai Profile.

September 5, 2010 1
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