What do I do with my motorcycle during the winter?


If you are not fortunate enough to live in an area where you can ride your motorcycle year round then you are going to have to do something with the bike over the winter.

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Do CCs Matter When Choosing a Beginner’s Motorcycle?


I am sure if you have tried to do any research on the ‘net about beginner motorcycles you have run into multiple articles and forum discussions declaring that a newbie should only ride something with 250cc’s or under 500cc’s or some other statement about the number of cc’s the engine should have. Here’s the thing, [...]

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Motorcycle Gear Guide for New Riders


When first starting out in the world of motorcycling there are a few things you need, a bike, a license or permit and some gear. The gear is not something to skimp on and ideally a new rider should budget around $500 for a full set of gear. If you are on a budget you [...]

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[Video] How to Open and Close a Givi Topcase


Watch this video showing how to open, close, and remove a Givi Topcase from a Givi rack. The topcase pictures here is the Monokey v46. If you’re not sure how the lock works you might think it is broken.

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[Video] How to Change an Arai Helmet Shield


This video demonstrates how to remove the face shield on an Arai motorcycle helmet. The helmet in the video is an Arai Profile.

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How to: Take the MSF (motorcycle training)


The easiest way to get your motorcycle license in the United States is through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). On successfully passing the MSF course you receive your motorcycle license. First Steps Get your permit Before taking an MSF class you should get a motorcycle permit. In most states getting the motorcycle permit is just [...]

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How to Ride a Motorcycle in the Rain


Eventually every motorcycle rider is going to end up riding in the rain. I’ve had lots of people look at me in horror when they see me going to my motorcycle in the rain. They ask, “won’t your motorcycle slip and fall in the rain?” Of course, the answer is, “no.” With a few precautions [...]

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