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How to: Take the MSF (motorcycle training)


The easiest way to get your motorcycle license in the United States is through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). On successfully passing the MSF course you receive your motorcycle license. First Steps Get your permit Before taking an MSF class you should get a motorcycle permit. In most states getting the motorcycle permit is just [...]

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How to Ride a Motorcycle in the Rain


Eventually every motorcycle rider is going to end up riding in the rain. I’ve had lots of people look at me in horror when they see me going to my motorcycle in the rain. They ask, “won’t your motorcycle slip and fall in the rain?” Of course, the answer is, “no.” With a few precautions [...]

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Shift Women’s RPM Leather-Textile Gloves


Overall these are a decent summer glove for the $40 price tag. Hot summer riding often means compromises on the safety front. These gloves compromise wrist safety and heavy duty materials for a lighter weight glove that offers more airflow and summer comfort.

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Joe Rocket Cleo Mesh Pants


I have worn the Joe Rocket Cleo Mesh Pants for two summers and am happy that I bought them. These mesh pants are designed as overpants – in other words you can wear them over your jeans, running pants or even shorts. Wearing mesh pants over shorts is arguably one of the coolest ways to [...]

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2009 Kawasaki ER-6N

The Kawasaki ER-6n is a 650cc parallel twin and puts out about 70 horsepower. It shares an engine with the Ninja 650r . This engine puts out plenty of power for the average user. You will meet a lot of motorcyclists out there who might consider the meager 650 cc engine to be a beginner or “girl’s bike.” I think that is silly.

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Firstgear Women’s Contour Mesh Jacket


I own a yellow Firstgear Contour Mesh jacket that I have worn for two summers. If you live in a warm climate and intend to wear full gear when riding a mesh jacket is essential. A mesh jacket allows more airflow and breeze than a textile jacket while still holding armor over the crucial places [...]

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BlueAnt InterPhone = Awesome!


The Blue Ant Interphone is a Bluetooth headset designed for motorcycle helmets that allows communication between two Blue Ant Interphones or a cell phone. The Interphone utilizes Bluetooth technology so you are constantly connected and able to hold conversations just like the telephone. This is a contrast to other solutions that work like a walkie-talkie where only one user can talk at once.

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Cycle World Magazine

I have been a regular reader of Cycle World magazine for the past two years.  I started reading the magazine when a co-worker, handed me an issue that he picked up.  As a Harley rider he did not find much interest in the magazine but after one issue I was hooked.  I am mostly interested [...]

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Mack’s SafeSound Earplugs for Her


I am a frequent earplug user and Mack’s® SafeSound® Soft Foam Earplugs For Her are my preferred choice. I use earplugs both for motorcycle riding and nightly for sleeping. Who is Mack? Mack’s brand is one of the more popular brands of earplugs and you will find them in most drugstores. They are manufactured by [...]

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Sidi Jasmine Tepor, a High Quality Woman’s Motorcycle Boot


I have owned the Sidi Jasmine Tepor boots for four years and put about 12,000 miles on them. Over the four years I have gone through numerous other pieces of gear trying to find items that best suit my needs. All the while, these boots have remained a staple item. Sometimes I wish I had [...]

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