Motorcycle Jackets I’m Lusting After

I’ve always been kind of an anti-leather person. Both from the perspective of not wanting to wear dead animals and the belief that textile is superior for protective motorcycle gear. While I haven’t changed my mind on either front there’s one catch. Leather motorcycle jackets are sexy. So, let’s say I’ve been in the market. Now the problem is they are so expensive! So here are the ones on my wishlist.

REV’IT! Women’s CR Leather Jacket

This jacket has very classic motorcycle jacket styling. I would get the beige color. I like the slim fit of the jacket and that it has “ladies” CE amor, which is a bit smaller and better fitting than the standard armor put in some jackets. It’s got some venting as well as an insulated liner so it would offer some flexibility for the seasons.

REV’IT! Women’s Rebel Leather Jacket

I also like the Rebel jacket in dark brown. Something about dark brown really appeals to me in a motorcycle jacket. It looks a little classier than some of the more racing styled jackets. It also has the ladies fit armor and an insulated liner; no venting on this jacket. It is also a little less expensive than the CR.

River Road Women’s Dame Leather Jacket

The River Road jackets are much more affordable; but I have to wonder if the quality is as good? This jacket also has a classic-vintage style which appeals to me. However it is a bummer that this jacket does not come with any armor. Like the others it has venting and an insulated liner.

I’ll be watching these jackets for sales. They are all very pretty but also a big price tag.

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  1. pretty cool jackets ha…what is the price of these?

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