Dainese Lola Lady Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boot

Ladies, I have found a boot that adds height that is not a million bucks. For so long whenever anyone posted on a forum, “What boot can I buy to make me taller?” the standard answer has been the Daytona Ladystar boot, which is almost $500. I recently purchased the Dainese Lola boots, because I liked the style, and was pleasantly surprised that they made me a good inch taller.

In addition to the height these boots have a lot of great protective features. If you read my review of the Alpinestar’s Stella Armada boot these are the exact opposite in the safety department. The leather on the Dainese Lola is much thicker than most other motorcycle boots, certainly thicker than the Alpinestars. There is also some hard armor over the shin and solid rubber/plastic over both sides of the ankles. The toe box is also pretty solid and there is an overlay leather/plastic piece on the top of your foot for the shifter.

I also like the styling of the boots. With a pair of jeans the boots are fairly inconspicuous. I have written previously about some boots which feel like “moon boots.” These boots have a much smaller and narrower profile and will blend in just fine. I suppose the shift pad does stand out a bit, but I don’t find it to be a big deal.

I have a pretty average size foot and these do fit a bit snug. I find them a bit tight over the top of my foot. The calf also has a stretchy panel to allow some extra space for large calves although it doesn’t seem to stretch all that much so it might be tight on ladies with large calves.

I have not had the opportunity to try these boots out in the rain but they have the gor-tex liner and look like they will be waterproof just fine.

Overall the boots are great but there are a couple of disappointments. I was bummed they did not have any reflective bits. I wish reflective piping was standard on all motorcycle gear. I also found the waterproof liner rubbed on my calf uncomfortably where it bunched up near the zipper. Although with more wear this has relaxed a bit and probably won’t be a problem down the line. Speaking of the zipper there is a very thin leather flap to hold the zipper in place which is not very sturdy and I expect to tear.

None of my complaints are particularly big deals though and I still think these boots are outstanding. The protection level alone makes them worth the price and the added height they provide and the stylish design are added bonuses.

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  1. ala says:

    I love these boots also brought two other styles from dainese with same sole and heels xx

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