New Ladies Motorcycle Gear for 2011

The 2011 motorcycle season is fast approaching and each year we hope to see the motorcycle gear companies releasing more women’s specific gear. Here is a roundup of new gear that is being released in 2011.


Icon is well known for their flashy gear that makes a bold statement. There 2011 releases do not let us down in the bling department. This year they have released a second generation of their Hooligan line, the Hooligan2. For the ladies this means three new mesh jackets the Hooligan2 Stealth ($165), Hooligan2 Threshold ($175), Hooligan2 Glam ($185). The three jackets seem to be the same jacket with slightly different styling. They are all mesh textile with elbow and shoulder CE armor, a foam back pad and removable wind resistant liner.

Icon Hooligan2 Stealth Icon Hooligan2 Threshold Icon Hooligan2 Glam

Speed & Strength

Speed & Strength is a relative new comer to the gear scene. They have added one new ladies jacket this year, the Speed & Strength Little Miss Dangerous available in either leather ($349) or textile ($199). Both versions offer the standard motorcycle jacket features of CE elbow and shoulder armor, an insulated vest liner and zippered vents. The textile version also offers a foam backpad and is water resistant.

Speed & Strength Little Miss Dangerous


Scorpion has been expanding their ExoWear gear line from just helmets to other gear. This year they’ve brought two new jackets and a pair of pants for the ladies. First up is the leather Scorpion ExoWear Dynasty Jacket made of 1.2-1.4 mm leather. This comes in both a perforated leather ($309) and non-perforated leather ($329). Both versions have your standard elbow and shoulder CE approved armor as well as a foam backpad. The Dynasty jacket is one of the more tame designs I have seen this year coming in either solid black or white with black accents. If you are in the market for something more flashy the Scorpion ExoWear Kingdom textile jacket ($199) might be up your alley. This black and white jacket has a large eagle heart design across the back shoulders as well is large gold outlined script with the brand name across the chest.

Finally, and possibly most interest of the line up, are the new Scorpion ExoWear Empire motorcycle pants ($169). These solid black pants are waterproof, have a remove-able lining and have air vents in the knees. This is the first pair of pants I’ve seen with a zippered vent so I am interested to see how these work out.

Scorpion ExoWear Dynasty Jacket
Scorpion Kingdom Jacket Scorpion Empire Women’s Textile Motorcycle Pants

Joe Rocket

Joe Rocket is one of the most well known names in motorcycle gear. This year they have released updated designs for their ladies Joe Rocket Cleo 2.0 mesh jacket ($159) and Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0 waterproof textile Jacket ($149). Both jackets have the standard armor and safety features and are simply aesthetic updates to their predecessors.

Joe Rocket Cleo 2.0 Mesh Jacket Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0 Jacket


Alpinestars has two new ladies gloves this year the Stella Messenger Drystar ($49.95) and the Stella C1 Windstopper glove ($79.95). Both gloves are being marketed towards “city” riders and the names pretty much explain their functions. The Messenger glove is a cold weather riding glove that is both insulated and waterproof. The C1 is a windproof glove that is water resistant and offers knuckle armor.

Alpinestars Women’s Stella Messenger Drystar Gloves
Alpinestars Stella C1 Windstopper Gloves


Rev’it is a high-end motorcycle gear brand. I have always liked Rev’it because they have a larger selection of women’s gear than many of the other brands… if you can afford the price tag. Two of the stand-out jackets in the 2011 line up are the Rev’it Ventura Jacket ($449) and the Rev’it Raven Jacket ($449). The Ventura jacket is designed for four season touring and adventure riding with a removable waterproof liner that stores in the back pocket and a removable colar that reveals large mesh panels in the chest for air. The Raven is a track read leather motorbike jacket. It has the sporty short waist and a sleek look.

Rev’it also has two new pairs of ladies pants the Rev’it Ventura Pants ($299) and the Rev’it Tornado Pants ($259). The great thing about both pairs of pants is that they come in both black and white. It is hard to find non-black motorcycle pants on the market. The Ventura pants are an all season pant with a remove-able liner and vents. The Tornado pants also have a thermal liner but include large mesh panels for warm weather riding.

Rev’it Ventura Jacket Rev’it Raven Jacket Revi’t Ventura Pants Rev’it Tornado Pants


Corazzo has traditionally only been thought of as a scooter gear company. While scooterists remain their primary audience all of their gear is of the same quality as the traditionally motorcycle focused companies and you will find the use the same CE-approved armors and textiles as the other brands. For 2011 they are offering two new low profile ladies jackets. The Corazzo Tempeste ($249) is a stylish slightly longer jacket that offers all the standard armor, venting and safety features of most jackets with a bit of a fancier design. If you are looking for something completely different try the Corazzo Turiste Trenchcoat ($249). This longer jacket has hidden CE-approved armor under a fashionable exterior and cleverly put features like 3m reflective piping in the trendy trenchcoat belt.

Corazzo Tempeste Corazzo Turiste

What do you think of the new gear for this season? Will you be checking out any of the new gear? I have to say I am a bit disappointed with the small selections from some of the “budget” vendors. It seems we may have to turn to some of the higher end and niche companies for new innovations in women’s gear.

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  1. Judy LaParne says:

    I was thinking about the Rev’it Ventura pants. I have been looking for I dont have to look anymore. Sweet!!

  2. Andrea says:

    Nice! I like the Rev’itt pants too. But need to touch first before I buy.

    Now do one for 2011 dirtbike gear. From what I’ve seen, almost everything is PINK….surprise, surprise.

  3. Dennis says:

    I just got Rev’it Ventura jacket for my wife, going to test it next weekend. Check out short review with some pictures at

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