Joe Rocket Cleo Mesh Pants

I have worn the Joe Rocket Cleo Mesh Pants for two summers and am happy that I bought them. These mesh pants are designed as overpants – in other words you can wear them over your jeans, running pants or even shorts. Wearing mesh pants over shorts is arguably one of the coolest ways to ride on hot summer days while still being safe.


I found these pants run large. I normally wear a 4 or 6 in pants and purchased a Medium. Even with a pair of jeans under the pants they fit very baggy. In retrospect I should have purchased a small. The pants do have a little adjuster on either side of the waist to make the pants a bit small, it might take an inch off the waist. The also have a zipper on the back of each calf that can be unzipped if you have larger calves.


The best feature of these pants is they zip up the side almost all the way to the hip. I am easily able to take the pants on and off while still wearing my Jasmine Sidi Tempor Boots. Of course, as I said the pants are too big for me so I may have a bit of extra room.

For visibility the pants have black reflective piping in the lower calf/shin area. Aside from this they are solid black and color. The only have one tiny flower logo on the hip but it is small and most jackets will cover it anyway. These are definitely good pants if you are trying to avoid looking flashy or standing out. (standing out any more than a girl on a bike does normally!)


Overall I am quite happy with these pants. Wearing mesh is a good alternative to not wearing safety gear on hot days and I find these pants have the mesh in the right places to catch a breeze while having textile in the places you’re most likely to fall.


The pants come with built in CE armor on the knees – the standard armor you find in most motorcycle safety gear. The also have decent foam armor on the hips.

Unlike some mesh pants, where the full leg is mesh on the fronts of these pants are mesh. The rear end, backs of the legs, knees and hips are solid textile. There also also reinforced heatproof textile on the inside of the calf. Unfortunately, the placement was not right for my exhaust and I managed to burn a small hole in the normal textile area right beside the heatproof area!

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