Sidi Jasmine Tepor, a High Quality Woman’s Motorcycle Boot

I have owned the Sidi Jasmine Tepor boots for four years and put about 12,000 miles on them. Over the four years I have gone through numerous other pieces of gear trying to find items that best suit my needs. All the while, these boots have remained a staple item. Sometimes I wish I had a boot that was a bit more stylish or slim fitting, but really these boots have not let me down and I don’t think I should change something that works so well. Sidi apparently thinks so as well as the Jasmine boot has been in their line-up for many years without any changes.

Why wear a motorcycle specific boot?

I am going to go off topic for a moment in my review to encourage everyone who rides on a motorcycle (as driver or passenger) to wear motorcycle specific boots. Something that covers your ankle is absolutely necessary – look at your ankle bone and how little natural protection your body offers. Do you want your ankle dragging along the pavement in the unfortunately event of a crash? Motorcycle specific boots are designed to withstand crashes and protect a very vital part of your body – your feet.

Quality of Construction

I am very pleased with the quality of the Sidi Jasmine boots. They are made of Tepor which seems to be a very solid material. The stitching is also very strong and is still holding up just fine on my boots. While the boots are advertised as only water resistant, I would say they are water proof. I have been stuck out in some very wet conditions where everything else I wore soaked through and my feet were the only thing that stayed dry. The back side of the boots has a reflective strip which is very visible in low light. The soles of the boots are oil resistant and seem to be very strong. I have very minimal wear on the soles of my boots given the number of miles they have seen.

The boots close via zipper, an important feature in a motorcycle boot. I have no interest in riding in a boot with laces as I would be fearful the lace would get caught up in the bike’s engine. To make the boots waterproof the side of the boot is never completely open. When you unzip the boot there is still a wide patch of waterproof material keeping the boot sealed. This causes problems with the zipper and many times my zipper gets stuck on this material and I have to sit down and fight with the boot.

The only place my boots have seen some wear and tear is on the top of the shifter foot. Using the shifter seems to have worn down the top of the left boot. Most motorcycle boots on the market have an extra patch of leather over the shifting toe so I am surprised these boots do not have that feature. I sometimes wonder if it is a bit of a bias as they are women’s boots and some people don’t think women really ride.

The other missing feature of these boots is any solid armor. The boots have padding on the ankles and a solid cup on the heel, but there is not plastic amor like you see on other boots. This makes the boots a bit less safe but it does keep the boots quite comfortable.

Size, Fit, Comfort

I find the Sidi Jasmine boot to be quite comfortable both on and off the bike. I have what I would consider average sized feet for a woman and I find the boot to run a bit wide. Between the extra width inside the boot and the thickness of the material the boots do look big on my feet. When I am off the bike I sometimes feel a bit self-conscious about these boots because I look like I am wearing moon boots. Because of this I usually carry a change of shoes if I am going to the office or somewhere I want to look nice. The boots are plenty comfortable for walking around, so a change of shoes is not necessary for comfort – just vanity.

Another thing to take into consideration when choosing a motorcycle boot is the size of the sole or heel. For many women riders an extra inch in height can really effect how confident you feel riding a bike. These boots have a fairly thin sole and do not add any more height than a typical tennis shoe.


Overall I think these are an excellent choice for a woman’s motorcycle boot. They offer decent protection while still being comfortable to wear and their waterproof exterior is a big selling point for anyone who rides on rainy days. They are not the most fashionable boot on the market and they are missing some of the features you find on more expensive boots but I don’t think you’re going to find a better or more well constructed boot at this price point.

Epinions Review

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